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Discovery of the missing link on crowdsourcing platforms

More and more crowdsourcing platforms were born and the competition rise immense. One reason is that crowdsourcing are said to be the workplaces of future.

When you get occupied with those platforms and do benchmarks you easily find out many platforms tend into similar direction, for examle Sales, Marketing or Consulting. Where can we find some industry activities producing a new product? Maybe it´s found in a joint venture. But we summarize there is more to do then being a crowdsourcing platform to conquer the market.

Difference is they key. And because of lifecycles that get shorter, we need more good and new liked products developped.

Difference is only created where difference takes place - that should be clear. Where you have a stuff qualified for only one discipline, there are only topics of this mentioned discipline. IT-Specialists talk of bits, byts, computers, real time solutions. Market Specialists talk about where their strategy is to place products and business ideas. Financial Specialists discuss cash flow, ROI an so on. An a Scientist wants to know why the sun heats up earth and when sun comes to an end. We know most of the communitys have more disciplines. But Scientists and Technicians are underrepresented. That has its origin in a well paid job in conventional companies. Which group dominated can be seen by checking the stuffs profiles or by analyzing the postet topics. If their is an ability of people on your platform to switch from one topic to the other and enrich with big knowledge and thinking, you can check by the reaction of your stuff posting foreign topics. If this ideas cannot be votet or commented as well as there are questions over questions to the poster, even someone from this discipline feels involved at first sight, there is a big leck in your stuff, high-potentials for that topic is missing. That is an important link.

Those high-potentials need attraction to be part of platform for a long-term. Some platforms give goodies or points for log in or qualified comments. The points interact only with time not with the gradient performance per time. In the end there is the question what to do with points you cannot exchange up to now. Friendship, trust, esteem and gratitude cannot be replaced. Otherwise stuff scatters.

In the end moreover there should be a awareness that business takes place where people do not act undercover with nick-names and avatares but where people act authentic.


Best regards,

Andrea Oschewski

14.8.13 23:45
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